09.25.14: Kendall, Gigi, and Karlie at the Balmain After Party in Paris

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When I was younger, my mother tried to get me an agent because I was always singing and dancing, but whenever she took me to an audition, I would just shut down. By high school, I was telling everyone, “Oh, I’m going to be a doctor when I grow up,” because my dad was always saying to me, “Pick a career path where you’re always going to be necessary.” But by junior year, I was president of choir, I was the lead in the school play, and I just loved being onstage performing. I literally had a breakdown because I’m not big on denying myself the things that I want, and I knew I was going to do it anyway. So it was coming to terms with the fact that my life was never going to be stable. I’d never know where the next job was coming.

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nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes.
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So, Taylor Swift once again takes the garbage haters say and proves who’s really wrong here.

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Who was the first cast member that you saw while in the darach makeup and what was his or her reaction? 

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I  h a d  a  vision, a vision of  p e a c e .

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how 2 beat art block: put on fav pajamas, listen to quality 8-bit tunes, draw girls

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Iceland, just the hint of the aurora looking out to the mountains beyond Thingvellir. A perfect night.

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get to know me meme: [5/10] female characters cassie ainsworth (skins uk) 
“ do you know what hurts most about a broken heart? not being able to remember how you felt before… try and keep that feeling because, if it goes, you’ll never get it back. ”

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au where there was two nogitsunes and they were in love

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